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Beauty has always been an extraordinary source of inspiration for others, an ideal vector for conveying deep emotions and stimulating creativity and innovation.

Today, in the age of digital communication, this is even truer, and beauty can be shared and appreciated in new and surprising ways.

Through social media, the primacy of image allows us to capture moments of beauty and broadcast them worldwide, bringing hope and positivity to people all over the world ... in an instant.

Authentic beauty is the sparkle of what is true, the expression of the essence of what is real.

The relationship between what is true and authentic and what is naturally beautiful is our manifesto.


Fashion+ is the result of the synergy between two distinctive firms on the communication scene: The Fashion Model Management and B!nspiring.

Fashion Model Management, with its vast network of international contacts, represents a point of reference for world-famous models. Founded in the 1960s, Fashion Model Management was the first fashion agency to open in Italy and has established itself as one of the most important agencies on an international level thanks to its excellent professionalism and its marked ability to shape the image and career of models, right from their beginnings.

B!nspiring - the evolution of BloggerItalia, a boutique agency focused on digital communication strategies, and in particular influencer marketing - is a real business enabler of opportunities for the growth and success of its clients and partners. Thanks to proactive creative research and a commitment to ensuring the authenticity of each single content, B!nspiring has introduced the concept of 'inspiring marketing', reinterpreting the concept of influencer marketing in a positive key. The data-driven approach is combined with distinctive qualitative elements based on inspiration and innovation. The aim is to create memorable events, engaging digital communication campaigns and creative and effective communication strategies.

The union of these two companies has therefore generated Fashion+, a talent management suite that capitalises on their respective expertise and provides a unique and distinctive solution.