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Fashion: the Face of Success since the 60s

The sixties: the years of youth protests, of sexual revolution, of women’s raise of consciousness and people wearing jeans instead of formal evening dresses at La Scala...

Formalities were over and a revolution in social norms was taking place. These were years of change , both in society and custom.

In these swinging years Fashion Model Management was established, the first modelling agency in Italy, thanks to an incidental encounter and a brilliant intuition: Mr.Paolo Roberti from Livorno, now President of Fashion Model Management, while sipping a coffee met a model- actor who was famous abroad where modelling was already well under way.

From here his striking idea: why not open a modeling agency in Italy as well?

Today, Mr.Roberti manages models in the international market with skill and ability.

Fashion Model Management represents models from all over the world through its worldwide connections.
Thanks to an innovative marketing strategy in a fast moving business, its highly professional bookers are here to guide models and help them start, develop and establish successful careers.

They can provide a constant supply of models to all markets: from Haute Couture shows to editorials, from fashion campaigns to tv commercials and cinema.

Mr.Roberti and his team are extremely dynamic model managers, constantly tuned in with the quick changes of fashion and advertising world.

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