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DISTRUST people who clain to be a partner and/or an agency related to FASHION MODEL agency! The only owner is Paolo Roberti (see also the section ABOUT US of the web site). If you have news concerning some impostors, do let us know: they will be prosecuted by the law.

DISTRUST people who on behalf of FASHION MODEL agency ask you to invest money to make photos, composite, book... Nobody is entitled to ask for anything to let you be part of the Agency itself. If you have the necessary requirements to work as a model, we will invest the money to get test shoots, layout portfolios and put together comp cards and other material you need.

DISTRUST people who promise that you can be a model paying a fee. Not everybody can be a model. Here are the measurements required if you are a woman, and you are not over 21 years old: you have to be at least 1,74 cms tall, your waist max 60 cms and hip size not over 90 cms (these measurements have to be by nature and not the result of an unhealthy diet!); if you are a man, you must be at least 1,84 cms tall and your size must be maximum 50.

If you have these characteristics, please send photographs taken in natural light, including a portrait, profile and a full-length using the format provided in the BECOME A MODEL section of the web site.

BELIEVE in our professional judgment. If you have all the necessary requirements, we will contact you and we will give you the possibility to become a professional model.

In return, we will ask you to be reliable and willing to cooperate.